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Sifu Gilbert Leal practicing the Wing Tsun 6 1/2 Point Long Pole
form at the CWTA International Headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

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In this day and age, it's rare for a Wing Tsun journeyman to be instructed in the way of the luk dim boon kwan or long pole. The long pole is an unwieldy weapon that requires a lot of time, effort and patience to learn and eventually master. Many people may ask what the point is of learning how to use a weapon that may seem to be impractical in these modern times. There are many answers according to one's own point of view, but for me it's simply the challenge. The challenge of picking up the heavy pole and practicing with it for hours, days, and years until it becomes an extension of my own body. After all, isn't that what kung fu is all about?

Recently, I have had the opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to use the Wing Tsun long pole from my Si-Kung, Grandmaster Carson Lau. Grandmaster Lau provided detailed instruction on everything from the stance and form to the movement and feeling of how the weapon should be used. Throughout my training, it became self evident that Grandmaster Lau's skill and knowledge is unparalleled. Thank you Si-Kung Lau and Sifu Gilbert for your careful and generous instruction! I look forward to continuing my Wing Tsun education under your tutelage.

Scott Lopez - 3rd Level Instructor

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